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By Julia Van Peer

"Sustainable, ecological, biodegradable, and healthy - that is Ringana."

I wrote this article for people and fellow travellers who are looking for environmentally friendly products to use during their trip, or just from home. Ringana is an Austrian company that makes exclusively biodegradable, sustainable and healthy products (including their packaging). It truly is a godsend for travellers like me who spend most of their time in nature, but also for people who want to do their bit for the environment from home.


FRESH products of Ringana.

I myself came into contact with Ringana during my overland trip through Europa, and I was immediately sold. Before that I already used other products that were biodegradable, but I was never 100% satisfied with them. This changed when I switched to Ringana. 


For the past few months I washed my body in the mountain rivers, brushed my teeth in open grasslands, and washed my hair in lakes where animals come to quench their thirst. All the more reason to be very conscious about the products I use. But in addition to the environmentally conscious aspect, Ringana’s products are also very healthy for the body in general, such as the energizing chi drinks, or the ABC supplements.


Read on below to learn more about what exactly is Ringana, what my favourite products are, and even how you can become a partner in the company yourself. 


All the ingredients are extracted from the plant world.


Ringana is company of Austrian origin, founded by Andreas Wilfinger and Ulla Wannemacher. They started with the vision that we should all be more aware of the products we consume and the nutrients that our body has to process. The ultimate view of Ringana is on the one hand taking care of our surrounding nature, while on the other hand we take care of our own body as well.


The 4 pillars of Ringana explained:


You will not find fresher products than at Ringana. They are all extracted from powerful essences of the plant world, down to the smallest ingredients. Natural elements and organic additives are at the top of the agenda. You will never encounter artificial preservatives or genetically modified materials in the blends. 


The way Ringana works is very sustainable. Ranging from fair purchase of raw materials to microplastic-free and fresh products. From energy-efficient production to biodegradable and reusable packaging. Everything comes down to the RE-USE concept. This protects not only the environment but also our close surroundings.


Several studies have already been conducted to determine which are the best combinations and which give the best results. During these studies various trial and error experiments have been executed, which eventually gave birth to the ultimate list of Ringana products. For example, the highly effective products are based on a combination of different plant-based active ingredients. However, this does not mean that science stands still, and studies will continue to be carried out to provide costumers with the most up-to-date products.


Ringana combines the best of everything. In this way, the results of the most recent studies are linked to practise, which in turn allows the work of the employees and researchers to be carried out consistently and consequent. This results in maximum quality for the customer. 


Ringana offers a large pallet of products. And because they are all the freshest of the freshest, it is not illogical that they have a shorter expiry date. It is precisely the freshness of the cosmetics and the ingredients inside that shorten the expiration date. Due to the action of highly antioxidant natural raw materials, which are not used in normal cosmetics, the Ringana products become so valuable. In fact, the company doesn’t work wit chemical preservatives, which dominate the world so hard today.

Normal cosmetics contain chemical preservatives, microplastics, mineral oils, and much more. While Ringana only works with fresh ingredients that are solely extracted from plants, thus creating very pure products. On top of that they don’t use artificial aromas, giving the products a very unique feature.

Another wonderful characteristic of the products is the packaging. Not only are the wrappings made from biodegradable natural ingredients, they are also reusable. The glass flasks are wrapped in biological cotton towels to protect them on their journey. After they have been packed the products are transported with electric vehicles to their destinations.


Ringana offers four types of products:




These are the products for skin care (Face, Body, and Hair). The products include shampoo, body wash, body milk, cleanser, tooth oil, serums, and many more. 




The D-eat Set contains all of the nutrients you need for one meal. It is of course very important that you cook healthy every day and get the right vitamins, but it is a very good alternative if you don’t have the time to cook for example. Next to it being an alternative on busy days it can also help you with dieting and losing weight in a healthy fashion (however always do this in consultation with your doctor). 



  • ABC supplements – they contain everything the body needs in a day. A (antioxidants) help your body with its immune system and cell protection, resulting in a better concentration and a more awake feeling. B (balancing) makes sure the balance between acids and bases is maintained. C (cleansing) helps with your digestion so that waste products are excreted and good nutrients can be absorbed better. 

  • Drinks – Chi is a very concentrated drink, full of important vitamins, that helps you focus and stay awake when you’re feeling a bit tired. They are considered to be a healthy alternative to energy drinks. Isi works just the opposite. It contains ingredients that will help you relax at night, and fall asleep better for example. 

  • Caps – These are not medication or symptomatic means, rather they are supporting aids for the body. In the long term they help maintain your health, but they won’t cure any diseases.  



When active in the sports field, these products can support the working body. Ranging from Boosts, to Proteins these will help with the regeneration of muscles and the body in a whole. 

My Favorite Products Are...

  • Shampoo

  • Body Wash

  • Tooth Oil

  • Chi drinks 

  • ABC Supplements 

  • And many more ... 


Order Your Own Products

If you’re interested in buying some of the products take a look on the site:


When you register yourself on the website, you will have to appoint your Ringana contact. This is where you fill in: Julia Van Peer.



Working with Ringana has many advantages. You can work from any location you want, you choose when you schedule your working time, and there are equal opportunities for everyone. Without having to make big investments, you can work your way up into a company that stands for everything that is environmentally conscious. 


You will acquire costumers of your own and create your own team. Afterwards you will receive a commission and manage your own costumer base. If you like to become a Ringana-partner, contact me and we can discuss further possibilities.

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