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Albania: A Unique Travel Guide



Travel Guide

A Perfect Mix of Leisure, Adventure and Culture is to be found in Albania

When planning a trip to Albania, called Shqipëria by the Albanian people, familiar reactions may be ‘Isn’t it dangerous out there?’, ‘Aren’t you afraid of the mafia?’, ‘Wow, what an uncommon destination’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Land of Eagles has been off-limits to outsiders fordecades, only regaining its autonomy little less than 30 years ago, making it all the way more attractive as a travel destination. The history of this fascinating nation winds back to the ancient Illyrian times and the almighty Ottomans, the well praised Gjergj Skanderbeg and the less favoured Enver Hoxha’s Communist era after World War II. Throughout these tussling years the shqiptarë managed to retain their own cultural heritage, unique identity, and ethnic values.

The trip will take you to stunning beaches in the Albanian Riviera, and adventurous hikes in the snow-capped mountains of the Albanian Alps. It transports you back in time, guiding you through the historic old towns of Berat, Krujë, and Shkodër, and lets you enjoy a tasteful çaj in one ofcountless snug bars in Tirana. It lets you glare into one of the two sparkling Blue Eyes, and teaches you more about the nation’s heroic figure General Skanderbeg. Truthfully, the Republic of Albania is unique in every aspect. 

It’s worth visiting also the lesser known spots, traversed only by the inhabitants of the sparsely populated villages and youth escaping the lively streets of the larger cities, these are the true hidden gems. There is the magnificent deep-blue Liqeni I Bovilles, and an organic farm that amazes with solely homemade products, all revealing little by little Albania’s true character. 

From history to gastronomy and ancient villages, Albania is one of a kind.

"I thought for a long time about leaving Albania, but at the same time to play a role in its life - Ismail Kadare"


Discover Albania

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