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By Julia Van Peer
"They may be named “the smallest Alpine mountain range in the world” but when surrounded by these enchanting peaks thrusting into the sky, small is not the word that comes to mind."

The High Tatra, or Vysoké Tatry, is truly a hiker’s paradise, offering a wide range of trails navigating adventurers with varied skills through the endless valleys, over challenging peaks and along emerald green lakes. They may be named “the smallest Alpine mountain range in the world” but when surrounded by these enchanting peaks thrusting into the sky, small is not the word that comes to mind. 

trail rackovo sedlo.png

Overview of the possible trails to Račkovo sedlo.

The superb ascent to Račkovo sedlo, straddling the border between Slovakia and Poland at a height of 1 958 metres, is classified as moderate and is one of many to mount the slope. Commencing your trek at Chata Oresnica (850 metres above sea level), the first stop is the crossroads Rázcestie Jamníckej a Račkovej where three options present themselves: the blue (advanced), green (advanced) or yellow (moderate, the one described) track. Apristine river will lead the way through the thick forest of pine-trees, whereupon the veil of woodland opens up, and a wide autumnal landscape is revealed.


The point where you exit the forest of pine trees, and catch a first glimpse on the valley.

Reaching the plateau of Račkovo Valley, after 2 hours of climbing, the first of three majestic mountain lakes appears, referred to by the locals as “the Eyes of the Mountain”. Altimeters succeed each other rapidly, toughening the climb henceforth, up the border with Poland. Račkovo sedlo, an intersection of several hiking trails, is a stunning location for gazing at either side of the ridge. The wealth of flora and fauna the National Park has to offer will astound you. If you are lucky you can spot the well praised but scarce chamois, the symbol of the Tatras. 


"The Eyes of the Mountain" as locals call these mountain lakes.

Both the yellow trail (moderate) or the red one on either side (advanced) can guide you back down to the foot of the mountain. The most satisfying way of treating yourself afterwards is by ordering a delicious, steaming-hot plate of homemade ravioli dipped in sheep cheese at the cosy Horská Chata Oresnica, with a glass of red wine at the side.


Altough the weather wasn't spectacular, the views definitely were!

Be aware!

Seeing the weather is highly unreliable at these heights, changing on the spur of the moment from a cloudless paradise into a foggy scene, be prepared clothes- and time-wise. Leave early in the morning to avoiding possible bad weather at the top, especially when undertaking the ridge-trail. Furthermore, buy yourself a hiking map on paper, preventing you to lose your way. 


High up in the clouds can create a very mystical feeling.


  • Length of the trail: 16 kilometres round-way trip (yellow trail)

  • Duration: 6 hours (average) – 4.5 hours (experienced)

  • Elevation gain: 1 108 metres

  • Highest point: 1 958 metres

  • Starting point: Chata Oresnica (parking possibilities)

  • Difficulty: Moderate

  • Optimal period: June – September


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