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Slovakia: A Unique Travel Guide



Travel Guide

Conquering Peak After Peak in the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia

Built on the remnants of the former Czechoslovak federation, Slovakia provides more than enough cultural treasures, diverse wildlife, and oases of untouched natural beauty. It’s home to the impressive mountain range named the Tatra Mountains, embedded in the Carpathians. The divine peaks of this National Park stretch across 80 kilometres, mostly covering Slovakian territory while part of it crosses the border with Poland. In fact for severalkilometres it defines the natural border between both countries. The High Tatra serves its name right embracing 25 peaks rising higher than 2500 metres, the highest standing at 2655 metres (Gerlachovský štít). Endless views over both rocky slopes and grassy valleys, over hundreds of crystal clear glacial lakes and thundering waterfalls. The more southern Low Tatra may not be as impressive as the High Tatra with its dazzling heights, however the lush green meadows invite you to embark on more relaxant hikes and absorb the beauty of it all.


After discovering that  the region covers 600 kilometres of hiking trails and numerous mountain lodges, it went without saying that my hiking boots would be taking on some of these challenging paths. Undertaking either multi-day or one-day hikes in the High Tatra, you will always face one peak after the other, with few moments to take a break from the continuously upward ascent. Yet it is worth every sigh of frustration, each ‘Is it still a long way to go?’, and every feeling of exhaustion. Whether it is conquering the famous almighty Rysy summit, soaking up the beauty of the peaceful glacial lake near the Téryho chata, gazing for hours at stretches of alternating peaks, or taking a well earned break at the top of the divine Gerlachovský štít mountain, the reward comes in forms you can’t always imagine, each time taking your breath away.


While driving through the lowlands of Slovakia, you will pass acres of spring-green meadows, small cosy villages with smoke seeping out of the chimneys and locals gossiping in each other’s front yard, freshwater lakes crowded with passionate fishermen, and surrounding mountains calling your name. 

"You cannot conquer a mountain, for it shall continue to exist beyond you. However, if not careful, a mountain can conquer you."


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