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Travel Essentials

Under ‘Travel Essentials’ I have grouped articles that can help you plan your journey, such as preparing your backpack for travel, using environmentally friendly products, downloading the right hiking apps, and taking into consideration the general conditions of the mountains. In addition, you can also find articles about which search engines you should use to find accommodations, hotels and the like. Read on to learn more about these specific topics.

For years, with every planned trip, I’ve soured the internet for the best lists of the most essential items to put in your backpack for multi-day hikes. Each time I discovered new things which in turn I placed on my own compiled list. And finally, after years, I’ve been able to put together a list that comes close to a complete enumeration. Although some things are still missing or might be unnecessary, the list is a good starting point if you’re a novice or intermediate hiker. For the advanced among you, this list will still have gaps, and I refer to other websites such as No Place Like Outside or The Adventure Junkies, and many more.


On a similar note, I wrote an article about the environmentally friendly, biodegradable and sustainable products of Ringana. These products are a gift from heaven when it comes to taking care of our nature and environment, especially when you’re living outdoors or spending a lot of time in nature. But the products are equally useful for people who want to contribute to the environment from home. Read more about these incredible products.


I also used my experience as a hiker to put together and briefly compare the most accurate and efficient hiking apps. If you are new to this field of outdoor activities, these apps can be of great help. One app has certain advantages over the other. However, always consider general mountain recommendations before embarking on a trip, seeing the weather can change quickly at high elevations.


For a great deal of you who like to explore new countries and regions, spending the night in a charming accommodation, and having your own transport is a must. Nowadays there are so many possibilities to look for the best price-quality ratios, making it very overwhelming. Read on to find a summarised list of search engines that I prefer to use on my travels.


During my overland journey through Europe I have already covered thousands of kilometres with my self-converted van. This is one of the best ways to get to know the countries and their cultures. Often you will end up in the most remote places and meet incredible people, just because you have the freedom to go wherever you please. Read more about apps for magical overnight stays, tools for converting your own van, and especially what it’s like to travel with your house on wheels through unfamiliar terrain.

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